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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

August is often a month of transition. With summer vacations behind us, we start to get organized for the fall. This month we have been expanding our online Knowledge Base with helpful new information about Virtual TimeClock. Several new backup articles will help you quickly and easily ensure that your employee time clock data remains safe and secure.


Where To Backup Your TimeClock Data

What would happen if your TimeClock computer was stolen, crashed, or infected with a virus? A recent data backup can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major payroll hassle.


Easy Manual Backups

Virtual TimeClock makes it quick and easy to do a manual data backup. Manual backups are super helpful when you move Virtual TimeClock to another computer or when you just need a fresh data backup right now.


Hassle Free Automatic Backups

Eliminate the risk of loosing your current timecard data by taking a few minutes to setup an automatic backup schedule. Virtual TimeClock has flexible repeating backup schedules and logs all backup activity to give you peace of mind.


Verifying Scheduled Backups

It is important (and really easy) to check and confirm that your Virtual TimeClock backup schedule is working as expected. We'll show you how to quickly check your settings, logs, and backup files.


7 Common Backup Mistakes

Over the years, we have assisted many customers who didn't worry about their data backups until after a computer failure or theft. We've compiled 7 common mistakes that can help you avoid unexpected data loss if you ever need to rely on a data backup.