Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Accurately tracking worker breaks and lunch periods is a challenge for many businesses. This month we have several short articles that show how Virtual TimeClock can help you more easily manage employee lunches and breaks.


Enforce Lunch Rules Automatically

The new lunch rules in Virtual TimeClock 16 can help eliminate unwanted overtime and ensure compliance with company policies. This short article makes it easy to get started.


Inserting Breaks or Lunches

Some employees don't have convenient access to the time clock when they stop for a break or lunch. Virtual TimeClock can allow workers to record their breaks or lunches when they clock out.


Automatic Lunch Deductions

If you don't need to track the exact time and duration of employee meal breaks, using the automatic time deduction feature in Virtual TimeClock can be a tremendous time saver.


Removing the Break or Lunch Button

Some companies don't need workers to clock out for breaks or lunches. Removing the Break or Lunch buttons can help reduce worker confusion and ensure timecard consistency.


Upgrading to Version 16 is Easy

Take advantage of the new lunch and break features In Virtual TimeClock 16 by upgrading to our latest release. Our step-by-step Upgrade Guides and dedicated support staff are here to help.