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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

During April we are wrapping up Virtual Timeclock 16, our next major software release. We're adding powerful new lunch and compliance rules and fantastic new administrative features. We think together they are going make next month's Virtual TimeClock 16 release a 'must-have' upgrade! In addition we've stayed busy creating some great new content to help you better use your timeclock software. Don't miss this month's focus on Virtual TimeClock's many reporting features.


Setting Up Overtime

Properly tracking, reporting, and paying employee overtime is a vital, but complicated process for many businesses. In this article, we show you how to easily configure and manage worker overtime with Virtual TimeClock's powerful, flexible overtime rules.


Overview of Reports

Virtual TimeClock has built-in reports that recap personnel details, shows you who is arriving late, and even summarizes vacation, holiday and sick leave accruals. This overview of our most popular reports is a great way to find a useful new report for your business needs.


Creating Custom Reports

If you want to tailor an existing report to look just right or create a custom report from scratch, our amazing Report Writer has you covered. This short article is a great way to get started creating and customizing reports in Virtual TimeClock Pro.


Who Changed That Entry?

There are times when you want to know who, when and what changes were made to an employee timecard. Virtual TimeClock's Audit Logs provide detailed entry editing information as well as insights into other important program changes and modifications.


The Perfect Signature

Have you ever thought about modifying the signature text on your timecards? This article shows you how easy it is to add or modify the employee and supervisor signature text on timecards or other Virtual TimeClock reports.