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Daylight Saving Time Begins March 8, 2020

February 24, 2020

Daylight Saving Time (DST) always begins at 2am on the second Sunday in March. In 2020, Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, March 8th. The phrase "spring forward" serves as an easy reminder that DST begins by turning our clocks forward 1 hour.

Note: DST will end on November 1, 2020, the first Sunday in November.

While many Virtual TimeClock users will not be impacted by DST, if you have employees who will be on the clock when 2am rolls around on Sunday morning, you may need to adjust employee timecards to take account for the extra hour that is added to the clock. Find out more about modifying timecard punches.

For example, let's say your night shift is 9:00pm to 5:00am. On March 8 at 2:00am, clocks will shift forward 1 hour, effectively removing one hour of work time. If employees punch out at 5:00am as usual, they will only have worked a 7 hour shift. For employees to work a true 8 hour shift, they will need to work until 6:00am on Sunday morning. If this is the case for your business, remember to change their timecard "Out" time to 5:00am, otherwise workers would be paid for 9 hours instead of 8, since Virtual TimeClock does not take DST into account.

For more information about handling DST in Virtual TimeClock, see the Daylight Saving Time Knowledge Base article.

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