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  • Virtual TimeClock 19 Release 1.1

    We just released our first maintenance update for Virtual TimeClock 19. The 19 Release 1.1 update has several minor bug fixes that will enhance your overall experience using Virtual TimeClock 19.     What's New in Virtual TimeClock…

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  • Keyboard Tab Selection in macOS

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to add and edit timecard entries in Virtual TimeClock is to use your keyboard 'tab' key to move between fields while entering dates and times with the number keys. If the Keyboard access setting…

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  • Reports displaying the wrong dates?

    With some regularity we hear from Virtual TimeClock users who noticed the dates on their timecards aren't correct. Displaying the wrong report dates on reports usually happens for one of two reasons, which we'll cover in this brief…

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  • Locating Your Time Clock Database File

    In the unfortunate event of hardware failure on your Virtual TimeClock computer, you may be left with access to only the files on your hard drive, and not the programs installed. If you have access to your computer files, this article…

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  • 64-bit Applications in Virtual TimeClock…

    Virtual TimeClock 19 shipped brand new 64 bit applications for each edition of Virtual TimeClock. This platform migration, from 32-bit to 64-bit, represents the largest code overhaul in decades and ensures that Virtual TimeClock will continue…

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  • Windows HiDPI Support in Virtual TimeClock…

    Virtual TimeClock 19 introduced brand new HiDPI support for Windows. HiDPI is a technical shorthand term that means 'high dots per inch' or, more simply, high resolution display. Note: Virtual TimeClock has supported high resolution…

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