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Our Virtual TimeClock knowledge base is currently under construction.

We will regularly add new content throughout the fall of 2016.

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  • Virtual TimeClock 16 Release 5

    Virtual TimeClock 16 Release 5 is now available with over a dozen program enhancements. Release 5 also adds support for macOS Sierra 10.12, Apple's new operating system for Mac computers.    This maintenance release of Virtual…

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  • Allowing Workers to Add Lunch Breaks

    Sometimes employees work off-site or at a remote facility during the day. For them, using a time clock ‘real-time’ to punch in and out for breaks and lunches can be impractical.   Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network edition provides…

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  • How to Remove Break and Lunch Buttons

    Removing the Break or Lunch Button The break and lunch buttons in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network edition can be easily removed or configured according to your business needs. Removing the Lunch or Break buttons simplifies the time clock…

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  • Managing Employee Lunch breaks

    Meal breaks are an important part of the workday offering employees the chance to refuel and recharge. At the same time, ensuring that employee lunch breaks are properly taken can be a time intensive challenge for employers. Unwanted overtime…

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  • Managing Late Employees with Virtual…

    Almost everyone has been late to work at least once. However, when workers regularly arrive late to work it impacts everyone through lost revenue, increased stress, and lower morale in the workplace. Virtual TimeClock Pro has several tools…

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  • Entry Notes Enhancements in Virtual…

    Adding entry notes in Virtual TimeClock is an easy way to quickly attach an explanation for a late arrival or early departure to a worker timecard. Entry notes are also used to associate timecard hours with a job number, mileage, tips, or productivity…

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