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How do I move Virtual TimeClock to a new computer?
Can Virtual TimeClock connect to multiple locations?
Does Virtual TimeClock work with Terminal Services?

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  • Understanding Virtual TimeClock Remote…

    Do you want to use Virtual TimeClock to do payroll at home or as an integrated time clock at another business location? We have great news! You can connect and access the time clock from offsite computers over the Internet using the Virtual…

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  • Where is My Virtual TimeClock Data?

    People have become so accustomed to using reliable technology that they often assume that vital, irreplaceable data is safe and will always accessible. However, computer theft, flood, fire, disk failure, and viruses can render important data…

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  • Defining An Employee Workweek

    ​What comes to mind when you think 'workweek'? For many people in the U.S., the common Monday through Friday routine defines their workweek. However, most employers know that a workweek can be much more complicated. In the Fair Labor…

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  • Error 14 Printing Timecards on Windows

    We had a really unusual Virtual TimeClock technical support call this week. If you are getting an error 14 when you try to print timecards, we know the cause and have an easy solution:   The Problem The support call came in from a long…

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  • Location Tracking Using Activities

    Companies with multiple locations often have employees who move between locations throughout the day or week. Tracking employee hours and overtime by location can be challenging but essential when labor costing and other administrative…

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  • Virtual TimeClock Timestamps &…

    Employers and employees are often concerned with the source and accuracy of the times recorded on employee timecards. Virtual TimeClock has multiple options to help you choose the best solution for your time clock needs.   Virtual TimeClock…

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