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  • Virtual TimeClock 18.2.2 Release

    On Jaunary 16, 2019 we released our final scheduled maintenance update for TimeClock 18. Version 18.2.2 includes several minor bug fixes as well as enhancements to automatic software updates in preparation for our next major upgrade release. …

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  • Importing .CSV files in Microsoft Excel

    Virtual TimeClock provides a handy export tool that allows you to import timecard data into a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, for customized reporting and analytics. The export tool will save timecard data to a text file with…

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  • Error 11: Disk Image is Malformed

    In very rare cases you may come across an Error 11 message in your Virtual TimeClock software. An Error 11 means that your time clock database has been corrupted and you will not be able to use your TimeClock software until the issue is…

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  • I Can't Close My Payroll Period

    Every once in a while, we hear from new TimeClock users who are having a hard time closing their payroll period at the end of the pay cycle. In this article we'll cover the top 3 reasons you might not be able to close your payroll…

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  • Resetting Virtual TimeClock Preferences

    When upgrading or downgrading between several versions of Virtual TimeClock, in rare instances unexpected program behavior or crashing can occur. This is most often the result of an incompatible program preferences file. Deleting your TimeClock…

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  • Cannot Connect to the TimeClock Service

    If your TimeClock clients are not connecting, you may receive a message in your TimeClock Server Manager program stating Cannot connect to the TimeClock Service. This message means that your Server Manager computer has been issued a new…

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