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  • Port Mapping on Apple AirPort Extreme

    Many Mac users enjoy using Apple's AirPort Extreme wireless router for integrated Internet connectivity in the office. Below is a simple guide for setting up a port map (i.e. port forward) on an AirPort Extreme router.  Note:…

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  • Prevent Managers from Editing Their…

    From time to time, we hear from time clock administrators who want to give managers the ability to edit timecards for the employees they manage, but do not want managers to edit their own punch times. In this brief article we'll explain…

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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Overtime

    Virtual TimeClock provides many options for preventing unwanted and unauthorized overtime. Unwanted overtime is a concern for many businesses, and can be easily avoided with the proper company policies and the right time tracking software.…

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  • 2018 End-of-Year Time Clock Checklist

    To help you prepare for the new year, we've put together the following guide that covers helpful time clock and payroll-related changes that may impact your business. Wage Changes Minimum wages are changing for some states on January 1.…

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  • Backing Up with iCloud

    If you are using Virtual TimeClock on a Mac computer, backing up your time clock database to iCloud Drive is a simple, free way to ensure you won't lose valuable time clock data in the event of a stolen, lost or broken computer. Keep…

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  • Setting the Time Clock Workweek

    In Virtual TimeClock, the workweek start day is a global time setting that tells your time clock software when to start calculating weekly overtime. The most common setting for businesses is 'Monday' - which means the calculation of…

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