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  • Virtual TimeClock Scripted Installations

    Virtual TimeClock for Windows supports silent, unattended program installation and removal. Command line script parameters allow you to easily customize an unattended program installation and uninstallation to…

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  • Virtual TimeClock Backups on Shared…

    The importance of backing up your time clock software data can't be overstated. If your computer or hard drive crashes, we can help get you up and running again in just a few minutes if you have a recent backup of your time clock database.…

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  • What does "not optimized for your…

    MacOS users recently started seeing a one-time, informational message after launching many of their favorite applications. When you launch Virtual TimeClock you may see a message from Apple that says, “Virtual TimeClock is not optimized…

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  • How to Run Reports for Inactive Users

    Occasionally, you may find yourself needing to run a report that includes inactive employees. This is especially important for running historical activity reports that are used for job costing. Normally, once a user is made inactive they…

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  • My TimeClock Clients Keep Losing Connection

    If you are a Network Edition user and often find yourself reconnecting your TimeClock clients to your TimeClock Server, this indicates that you need to set up a static IP address on your TimeClock Server computer. In this short blog,…

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  • Emailing Timecards

    If you are a regular TimeClock user or administrator, you may have found yourself wondering how to email a timecard. There are many situations where emailing would be preferrable to printing so Virtual TimeClock makes saving timecards…

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