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  • Virtual TimeClock 18 Release 2

    Virtual TimeClock 18 Release 2 includes several new features, program enhancements and minor bug fixes. You can check for updates by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu on Windows computers or the About…

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  • What is an Internet Time Server?

    One of the most important settings for any time clock software is the timestamp source that will be used when recording daily timecard punches. Virtual TimeClock allows administrators to choose the source for the timestamp from several options.…

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  • Backing Up to Dropbox

    It's easy to overlook the importance of backing up your Virtual TimeClock database. Backing up files to Dropbox is a simple, safe and reliable way to make sure you always have a copy of your time clock data if/when your TimeClock computer…

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  • Backing Up to Google Drive

    Backing up your Virtual TimeClock database to Google Drive is a simple, free way to ensure you won't lose valuable time clock data in the event of a stolen, lost or broken computer. Keep reading for complete steps on how to easily…

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  • Automatically Open Virtual TimeClock…

    Many users find it helpful to have Virtual TimeClock automatically launch itself when a user turns on their computer. This is especially useful for reminding users to clock in for the day. In this blog we'll cover how to add Virtual TimeClock…

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  • Renaming TimeClock Client Computers

    For Network Edition users, one of the unexpected results of renaming computers can be the Unable to obtain a client license message. This often happens when an IT person, performing routine maintenance, renames an office computer to make…

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