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  • Correcting a Missed Clock In from Lunch

    From time to time you may have an employee who forgets to punch back in from lunch and then leaves for the day without punching out for the day. When the employee returns for work the next day, they will estimate their lunch stop time, and…

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  • TimeClock Server Cannot Respond (102)…

    Occasionally we hear from a Network Edition user who is receiving a message that says: Your TimeClock Server may be an incompatible older version that cannot respond (102). This message may appear on the client or the Server Manager program.…

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  • Virtual TimeClock Compatibility with…

    Since Virtual TimeClock is a one-time purchase, many companies take advantage of the cost savings by using the same version for years and years on dated operating systems. If you're planning on upgrading your Mac computers to macOS Mojave,…

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  • Error 21: Library Out of Sequence

    If you receive an Error 21 while opening or restoring your time clock database, it is an indication that your time clock database has been corrupted. Database corruption is rare, but can sometimes happen during a power outage, network…

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  • Sharing a Single Administrator Account

    If your TimeClock has a single administrator account that is shared between several administrators, we recommend switching to user-based administrator accounts. In this article we'll discuss the two primary reasons you should assign administrators…

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  • Keep your Time Clock Maximized on Launch

    If you use the maximize window button to make the time clock window fill your computer screen, you've probably noticed that you have to do this each time you open the program. This is because the maximize button is not saved to the program…

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