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Powerful, easy-to-use time tracking software for all your employees.

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    Simply powerful time & attendance.

    Virtual TimeClock Pro is an easy-to-use, full featured employee time clock software. After a one-time software purchase it's yours to use. Forever.

    Virtual TimeClock can display an informative in/out board with every user's current status or a PIN interface option that works great with lots of users or if you'd prefer to keep everyone's current status private. Arrivals and departures are recorded impartially so there's no guessing or estimating hours when it comes time for payroll. Time is recorded by using either the computer's internal clock or an Internet time server to ensure accuracy.

    ​Virtual TimeClock Pro makes it easy to track both paid and unpaid breaks and lunches. Powerful, automatic lunch deduction rules simplify life for workers who don't have convenient access to the time clock during their workday.
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    Reduce overtime with clock in/out rules.

    The 'courtesy' option reduces time clock congestion and eliminates unwanted overtime by allowing workers arriving early or punching out late to declare and record their scheduled time rather than the current time.

    Flexible, easy-to-use shift rules warn or prevent employees from punching in early or punching out after their shift has ended. You can also prevent time clock use on unscheduled days or shifts.

    Workers that forget to punch out at the end of a shift can be automatically clocked out. Designated supervisors and time clock administrators can easily override any rule when the need arises.
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    Track time spent on activities or jobs.

    Time clock users can instantly update their current activity throughout their workday. Assign employees to departments or locations to automatically track labor costs within your organization. Virtual TimeClock Pro's activity and departmental tracking provides you with up-to-the-minute time spent on different tasks, jobs, clients, or cost centers.

    Virtual TimeClock's powerful built-in SQL database makes it easy to view and print detail or summary reports according to your business needs. You can easily export your time and attendance data to Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program for further analysis.
    Learn more about activity tracking
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    Easily manage vacations & holidays.

    Maintain up-to-date totals and balances for each worker's vacation, holiday, and sick leave. Virtual TimeClock Pro provides you with an unlimited number of paid and unpaid categories for awarding time off. Each leave benefit can be awarded annually, monthly, or daily. Or have Virtual TimeClock Pro automatically calculate awards based on the number of hours worked.

    Holidays, vacations, and paid time off can be entered individually or as a batch at any time. Entering leave hours in Virtual TimeClock Pro is super easy, allowing you to designate a holiday or other time off for multiple employees (and even multiple days) at the same time.

    The powerful Accrued & Used Leave report provides immediate and up-to-date totals of awarded, used, and remaining hours for every employee. Individual workers can access their own Accrued & Used Leave report without management involvement before requesting time off.
    Learn more about leave tracking
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    Create powerful management reports.

    Virtual TimeClock Pro includes over a dozen advanced detail and summary reports. In addition to quickly and accurately totaling employee timecards, the Pro Edition allows you to sort and print employee hours by worker, activity, department, leave, or shift for any date range. Summary reports are perfect for reviewing totals for accounting and payroll entry.

    ​You'll also discover handy administrative contact and telephone lists, a current status report for emergencies, and an employee profile report. The Late Arrival report tells you who's not making it to work on time. ​

    ​The powerful Report Writer makes it easy to create and customize reports. You can create a new report from scratch or duplicate an existing report and modify it for your particular needs. Select different fonts, margins, and over a dozen different report options. Report options include employee identification and social security numbers, worker and supervisor signature lines, gross wages, and summaries for daily, weekly, and activity totals.
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    Integrates with your payroll system.

    Simplify your payroll processing with Virtual TimeClock Pro's payroll integration. You can export directly to popular payroll providers like ADP®, Paychex®, SurePayroll®, QuickBooks®, and AccountEdge®.

    You'll save time and eliminate data entry errors with time clock payroll integration since you're no longer manually entering employee payroll hours. You'll go from timecard to paycheck simply, accurately, and hassle free.
    Learn more about Virtual TimeClock payroll integration
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    Enhance communication with staff.

    Virtual TimeClock Pro has a simple built-in post office that handles the sending and receiving of messages. Because workers use the time clock at predictable times each day, messaging provides a unique and easy way for workers to receive notes and company information.

    Management can request employee information, recognize accomplishments, or announce staff meetings. Workers can immediately notify supervisors of a missed punch or request a day off.

    Because Virtual TimeClock Pro is a private, internal post office, there's never any worry about spam, viruses, or using the system for nonbusiness purposes.

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"A great way for us to keep an honest track of time spent and save our small business a little bit of money while being fair to employees. Easy to set up, use and export data."


"Here at Goal we have used Virtual TimeClock for over 6 years. We have been recommending this product very often in the past. There are quite a few offices now using it and the feedback is 'We love it!'."

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"Very helpful program that truly makes life simpler for our payroll staff, particularly when we need to sort out who worked when and what for. Good job Redcort!"

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