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  1. Timecards for Inactive Users

    "How do I run a timecard report for inactive users?" We receive this question pretty frequently each January.

    Virtual TimeClock always uses the selected Display Group members for reports. In order to run timecards for an inactive...
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  2. Backup Your Virtual TimeClock

    Data backups are important because bad things occasionally happen. Whether it is a failed hard drive, computer theft, fire or flood, a recent backup of your timeclock data can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major payroll...
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  3. Software Maintenance & Support

    Our software Maintenance and Support program is very popular with our Virtual TimeClock customers. Enrollment includes priority technical support from U.S. based experts, our monthly ‘Tips & Tricks’ newsletter, and ongoing software training.

    But there is one...
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  4. Feature Highlight: PIN Entry

    We regularly receive calls from customers requesting a fast and easy way for their employees to clock-in using a touch screen interface. For many, the best solution is to use Virtual TimeClock's PIN interface. It works great with tablets and touch...
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  5. Activities for One Employee

    Many people are already aware of Activities, the powerful feature within Virtual TimeClock that enables you to track hours worked at different tasks, job centers, store locations, departments, and more. Traditionally, activities are assigned to a display group and anyone...
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  6. Feature Highlight: Messaging

    When employees all work in one office, proximity can help facilitate communication. However, when employees are separated by floors, buildings, or even in another state the pathways available for communication need to be fast, easy to use, and flexible. If...
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  7. Inserting Lunches

    You may have employees that report to an office in the morning, leave the office to work off-site during the day, and then return back to the office at the end of their shift. Since they begin and end each...
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  8. Creating and Using Pay Differentials

    Do you have employees that regularly work swing or midnight shifts? Providing compensation to employees for performing work during nonstandard shifts is a common need for businesses. When gross wages are enabled for employee timecards, Virtual TimeClock provides a way...
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  9. Reporting Missed Punches

    Virtual TimeClock is a great solution for tracking employee time and attendance, but the key to automatically calculating hours and overtime is for staff to remember to use it consistently. Let's face it, occasionally employees will forget to punch in...
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  10. Tracking Unpaid Absences

    Have you ever looked at an employee timecard and only seen punch times for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday? You may wonder what happened to Wednesday. Did the employee forget to clock in? Were they working offsite without time clock...
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  11. Feature Highlight: Job Tracking

    Calculating hours, totaling time, and tracking employee attendance are all functions of a good time clock software program. But the best time and attendance systems go way beyond simple time tracking for payroll purposes by adding more advanced features like...
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  12. Other Connection Issues

    Network Edition users may experience some time clock issues that are unrelated to their current network configuration. Virtual TimeClock will always provide a clear message telling you exactly what the issue is. Here are the most common non-networking connection issues.read more
  13. When Local Clients Can't Connect

    Have you ever felt that if you had just a little more knowledge about a subject you'd be more self-sufficient? For example, computer networking can be intimidating for some people, but with a little knowledge about how computers communicate with...
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  14. How Is Time Converted?

    Virtual TimeClock offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to employee timecards. You can decide what options to include on each report and how hours and overtime are sorted. You can even display total hours worked as decimal hours...
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