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  1. Feature Highlight: Overtime

    An employee may be entitled to premium or overtime pay for a number of different reasons. State and federal laws mandate a number of employer overtime responsibilities. In addition, business policies and union contracts often create additional circumstances where workers...
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  2. Setting Up Virtual TimeClock Managers

    Virtual TimeClock administrators are often unsure how to grant limited 'manager' rights for their timeclock. They want to enable a manager or supervisor to perform some duties normally performed by an administrator, while limiting access to other administrative functions. Setting...
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  3. Opening Ports On Your Firewall

    As a security feature, Microsoft Windows comes with a built-in firewall. The firewall helps prevent unwanted external access (such as hackers) and can also prevent your computer from sending malicious software to others. Since this is turned on by default,...
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  4. Daylight Saving Time 2016

    On Sunday, March 13th most of us will once again spring forward one hour at 2AM as Daylight Saving Time begins. If your Virtual TimeClock is set to use an Internet timeserver, it will automatically adjust to the proper hour when...
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  5. My TimeClock Client Cannot Connect

    On the second Wednesday of some months we've seen an increase in support requests for our Network Edition customers receiving a "Virtual TimeClock Server is not responding" error. After a little investigation, we've determined that the firewall exceptions for Virtual TimeClock...
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  6. Virtual TimeClock 15 Review & Recap


    In 2015 we released one major Virtual TimeClock upgrade and six significant maintenance releases throughout the year. The final release was made available on December 21, 2015. Virtual TimeClock upgrades are always free for customers enrolled in our software Maintenance & Support...
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  7. Timecards for Inactive Users

    "How do I run a timecard report for inactive users?" We receive this question pretty frequently each January.

    Virtual TimeClock always uses the selected Display Group members for reports. In order to run timecards for an inactive...
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  8. Backup Your Virtual TimeClock

    Data backups are important because bad things occasionally happen. Whether it is a failed hard drive, computer theft, fire or flood, a recent backup of your timeclock data can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major payroll...
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