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Virtual TimeClock 18


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Virtual TimeClock 18 has powerful new features and over two dozen improvements that provide an enhanced user experience. New features include:
  • Easily set annual leave award limits for accruals based on hours worked.
  • Time-saving right-click Action menu for common tasks. 
  • Automatic software updates ensure you'll always have the latest release. 
  • All new client login simplifies your client connections.
  • Enhanced data security with full end-end encryption.
  • Payroll integration support for ADP Workforce Now®1.
Detailed Release Notes

18 Release 1   (December 8, 2017)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • New automatic notification of software updates with integrated download and installation.
  • New right-click User action menu enables easy access to timecards, messaging, and reports.
  • Enhanced right-click Administrative menu provides access to common user related functions. 
  • New option to remove previously assigned user passwords.
  • Date of birth field has been added for users.
  • Audit logs now record manual clock in and out times created by administrators and managers.
  • User added or edited manual entries are now recorded in the Audit Logs.
  • Users added or edited leave entries are now recorded in the Audit Logs.
  • Automatically generated error reports provide more detailed and precise information.
  • Updated display of license information in the Licenses Configuration panel.
  • Enhanced program license key entry and editing.
  • Changing to 'Two List' mode on the In & Out Board now automatically enlarges the default window to reveal all columns.
  • Updated and simplified the Actions menu and Actions popup menus.
  • Basic Edition users must now resolve all timecard errors before closing payroll periods.
  • The Configuration Toolbar icon remains consistent when logged in as a Manager.
  • Creating and modifying Overtime rules no longer allows negative hour values.
  • Windows with open modal sheets (Mac only) now consistently reactivate properly.
  • Program installation on Windows now checks to ensure the program is not running.
  • Fully compatible with macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Windows Server 2016.
  • Over two dozen interface updates and minor bug fixes enhance the user experience on Mac and Windows.
Pro & Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • New leave accrual cap allows you to set a maximum award limit for leave hours accrued based on hours worked.
  • Passwords for group login are now optional to simplify timeclock connectivity.
  • User names are now logged with shift rule violations.
  • User names are now logged when recording failed login attempts.
  • Enhanced and updated Display Group Settings interface.
  • New default timecard report for groups without an assigned timecard report.
  • Courtesy lunch return rules now require a complimentary 'prevent early return' setting to be enabled.
  • Improved functionality of administrative groups (All Users, Active Users, and Inactive Users).
  • Opening Network Edition databases in the Pro Edition now recognizes groups using the Individual Interface.
  • Enhanced security to prevent manager's unauthorized access to administrative settings.
  • You can no longer unassign a timecard report or the only report from a Group.
  • You can no longer delete a report assigned to a Group within the Report Writer.
  • Display Group settings for 'Missed Stop' rules now display reliably for multiple groups.
  • Manually deleting an entry with an auto clock out reliably cancels the scheduled auto clock out.
  • The display group is always maintained when moving between the Configuration and Administrative windows.
  • The Setup dialog for Exporting Reports now resizes correctly. 
Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • New end-to-end encryption of network communications between TimeClock Server and Clients
  • Updated and simplified Server Connection & Group login.
  • New option to remove previously assigned group passwords.
  • You can no longer inadvertently assign the same password to multiple Display Groups.  
  • Expanded and revised error reporting when attempting to login to a TimeClock Server.
  • Elimination of the dreaded (and ambiguous) "Unauthorized" login error.
  • Enhanced Server Manager settings with Install & Start buttons and important license information.
  • Updated Server Manager license and client information display and management.
  • License keys can now be activated from an unregistered client.
  • Enhanced client authentication and error reporting for connections by the TimeClock Server.
  • Running under Remote Desktop no longer requires new server login.
  • Improved Server Manager response when cancelling the installation or removal of the Mac Daemon.
  • Installing the Server Manager on Windows now automatically quits any existing running TimeClock Service before install.
  • Uninstalling the Server Manager on Windows now also automatically uninstalls the background TimeClock Service.

​18 Release 1.1   (January 18, 2018)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • When an administrator or manager modifies the time when clocking In or Out, the entry is logged and flagged with an 'M' on detail reports.
  • Closing a payroll period no longer errors when there are unresolved timecard errors after the close date.
  • The alignment of the date and time fields in the User Status window is now correct.
  • The View menu command key to 'Increase Font Size' works in Windows editions.
  • Automatic software updates no longer error when the computer is not connected to a network.
  • Internet Time Server errors are intercepted earlier and reported more gracefully. 
Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • Running timecard reports no longer errors if the program attempts to update the time.
  • Attempting to connect to an older TimeClock Server no longer freezes the program.
  • Dropped network connections are intercepted earlier and automatically reconnected.
  • Failed network connections are intercepted earlier and reported more gracefully.
  • The program now informs you if your computer is not connected to a network.

​18 Release 2   (July 18, 2018)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • Open Database window simplifies opening, creating & restoring databases.
  • Database configuration window offers updated database management.
  • Enhanced 'Welcome' experience for new program installations.
  • Improved automatic software update support for Macs with multiple user accounts.
  • Program registration has improved feedback when a license key is rejected.
  • Program errors now check for software updates that might resolve the error.
  • Enhanced and updated program documentation in the Help menu.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could cause program instability and crashes.
  • Fixed over two dozen minor program inconsistencies and display issues.

Pro & Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • New Payroll integration support for ADP Workforce Now®1.
  • You can now filter Users by inactive, active, users, managers, or administrators.
  • New Auto Time Additions option. Compliments existing Auto Time Deduction feature.
  • The Prevent Late Start shift rule once again allows clocking out and in mid-shift.
  • Removed the pause when saving a message in large databases.
  • Fixed an error when opening the Report Writer from a Report Preview.
  • Importing a user with a password that is already in use no longer causes an error.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent editing Leave Awards after upgrading from older versions.

Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • The public IP address of your TimeClock Server is available in the Server Manager and Pro Client.
  • New Server Setup window in Server Manager assists with program configuration.
  • Improved the automatic repair of dropped client network connections.
  • Enhanced feedback and information in the Server Manager Status window.
  • Increased network connection timeout to better handle Cellular data connections.
  • The Individual interface handles dropped network connections more gracefully.
  • The Server Manager for Mac requires a single authentication for Server changes.
  • The TimeClock Server better informs clients if the Server's database is closed.
  • Enhanced error messages when the Server runs out of new Client licenses.
  • Fixed an issue where Server could fail to authenticate restored client connections.
  • Fixed an 18.1.1 bug where connections failed when waking a client from sleep.
  • Fixed a Server Manager error when a static IP address is not set and the address changes.
  • Fixed an 18.1 error when a client could not access the payroll settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the Server could repeatedly backup the database if an upgrade failed.
  • Fixed a startup error when using Individual interface for a user that does not have a password.
  • The Server Manager no longer prompts to create a new database when a prior database is missing.

18 Release 2.1   (October 19, 2018)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • Modifying the date only is saved as expected when clocking in or out in administrative mode.
  • Enhanced Automatic Software Updates to ensure the update installer launches (future updates).
Pro & Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • Shifts starting around midnight enforce early Clock In rules reliably. 
  • Shift rules that prevent any early lunch return no longer allow returning 1 minute early.

Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • Server Manager Networking Status now displays correctly when it is unable to obtain the Public IP address.
  • Improved program reliability when a TimeClock Client has an unreliable network connection. 
18 Release 2.2   (January 16, 2019)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • Fixed 11 minor program exceptions and inconsistencies.
  • Automatic software updates now check for version upgrades when running in Administrative mode.
  • Enhanced Free Trial activations and user experience.
Pro & Network Edition

All of the above changes, plus:
  • Long user messages that occur when starting and stopping work are fully displayed.
  • The title for the exported fields list is correct for Activities and Leave exports.
Network Edition

All of the above changes, plus:
  • Clients are now prompted to automatically download the proper upgrade when connecting to an upgraded TimeClock Server.
  • Added the ability to reset the User file when it is incompatible with a multi-version upgrade or downgrade. 

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