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User "Clock In" is Missing

Occasionally we get a support call from a Virtual TimeClock user who reports that an employee who was on the clock returned to the time clock to punch out to find that they had already been clocked out. This is most often due to the time clock displaying an 'accidental' future entry. Since Virtual TimeClock is a real-time time clock application, entries made in the future can cause unexpected issues in real time.

What is a Future Entry?

A future entry is a manual timecard entry with a date later than right now.

How do Future Entries Cause Problems?

Virtual TimeClock can unexpectedly select a future entry for display in your time clock following certain administrative functions, like editing timecards. This becomes a problem if the user is currently clocked in because when the user returns to clock out, they will see the future entry with their current status as already clocked out.

Accidental future entries made weeks or months ago can suddenly appear in the timeclock after an administrator edits a user timecard. This delay makes the appearance of this rogue entry seem like a sudden bug to both the user and administrator.

Virtual TimeClock Entry Editor
How to Correct Future Entries

Correct future entries by changing the dates on the entry or removing the entry altogether. Follow these steps to find future entries:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Choose Entry Editor from the administrator toolbar.
  3. Click the Select Entries option, and select the user with the future entry.
  4. Change the date range to the current date through a future date (think Jan 1, 2999).
  5. Select the future entries and correct the dates or choose Delete.
  6. Check the In & Out Board to verify that real-time entry has reappeared.
Note: In recent versions of the software, we’ve added warnings to remind the administrator that they are creating future entries. 
Virtual TimeClock Future Entry