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How to Run Reports for Inactive Users

Occasionally, you may find yourself needing to run a report that includes inactive employees. This is especially important for running historical activity reports that are used for job costing. Normally, once a user is made inactive they do not show up in reports, so this short blog will explain how to include inactive users in time clock reports.

Note: Inactive users are employees who have had their status changed to Inactive in the past. For more information, review this article about making users inactive.

To run a report that includes inactive users:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. From the In & Out Board window, click the display group popup list and select All Users.
  3. Select My Reports and choose the required report.
  4. Using the People & Dates option, you can select all users or the individual user.
  5. Once your report is saved or printed, use the display group popup to select the correct display group.
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