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Printing Timecard Entry Notes

Entry notes are a convenient way for TimeClock users to leave a note on their timecard when they punch in or out. There are many creative ways to use this feature including noting a job number, mileage, tips, or productivity. While all of the built-in timecard detail reports will print entry notes by default, if you've created custom timecard reports you will need to enable the option to print timecard entry notes.

Note: For more information on enabling entry notes, review this blog about entry notes.

Follow these steps to enable entry notes to be displayed and printed on timecards:

  1. Choose Configure from the administrator toolbar and then select Report Writer from the Configure Virtual TimeClock menu.
  2. Select your timecard report and click the Report Options button.
  3. Under the Include section, check the box next to Timecard Entry Notes.
  4. Repeat for all reports that you want to display entry notes.
Virtual TimeClock Print Entry Notes