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Eliminate Paper Timecards on Earth Day

Earth Day can be a controversial subject. On the positive side it can be an occasion to consider the stewardship of our resources and how we can positively impact our work and home environment. Small changes in habits and actions can save time, money, and other limited resources. Small actions by individuals can have a huge impact when we look at them collectively across a city, state or nation.

Smart Business
One step businesses are taking is a switch from paper based employee timecards to electronically tracking worker hours and overtime. There can be significant ongoing costs to record, collect, and total paper based timecards. In addition, the need to keep historical time and attendance records creates additional filing, managing, and storage costs for those paper records. 
Employee time clock software like Virtual TimeClock eliminates paper timecards and instantly totals employee hours and overtime. Historical timecard records are stored electronically in a modern SQL database that makes the retrieval of any timecard fast and easy. Instead of boxes and boxes of timecards, Virtual TimeClock allows you to store decades of employee timecards on a flash drive that costs a few dollars and is smaller than a pack of gum.

Timecard Approval
It's not even necessary to ever print a paper based version of your employee timecards. Using Virtual TimeClock, employees and/or managers can electronically certify and approve their hours and overtime. If you need timecards or reports outside the time clock system, you can easily view any timecard or report in an electronic PDF format. 

Virtual TimeClock
Learn more about how your business can save time, money and limited resources at our Virtual TimeClock home page. You can download a free, fully functional trial of Virtual TimeClock to see first hand if it's the right time and attendance solution for your employees.