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Does Virtual TimeClock Mobile Require an Upgrade?

This blog is part of an ongoing series about our upcoming Virtual TimeClock iOS and Android apps in a question and answer format.

Q.  Will I need to upgrade my Virtual TimeClock software to use the new mobile apps?
A.  Yes.

You will need to install Virtual TimeClock 17 Network Edition to use our new mobile apps. While Virtual TimeClock Server 17 will seem familiar and simple, it is actually a brand new application powered by a RESTful architecture that supports time clock clients on your computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

Setup and upgrades will remain similar to prior Virtual TimeClock releases. You’ll download Virtual TimeClock Server from our website and install it on just about any modern Windows PC or MacOS computer. You'll download and install User and Administrative TimeClock apps for your computers from our website just like you've always done.
Our download page will also have links to our mobile TimeClock client apps that will be available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. After installing our new mobile apps, you will connect as a client to your Virtual TimeClock Server.