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Tracking Worked Holiday Hours

Do your employees earn premium pay when they work on business holidays? Do you need to track when your employees work on holidays? Virtual TimeClock's Activity feature can help you easily track, view and report these challenging payroll issues.
Using the Activities feature in Virtual TimeClock, an employee can select a 'holiday' activity when they clock in to work on a holiday. The holiday hours are totaled and displayed separately on the timecard so you can easily view the holiday hours separate for calculating premium pay. 

Create a special activity for a worked holiday
  1. Turn on Administration and choose Activities from the Configure menu.
  2. Click Add to create a new activity. Give the new activity a name, such as Worked Holiday.
  • Tip: If you want to track employees' hours for a particular holiday name the newly created activity something unique like Worked Christmas Day.
Recording worked holidays
When users work on a holiday, instruct them to choose the holiday activity (created above) from the Activity drop-down menu when they start work. If a user chooses the wrong activity by mistake, an administrator can edit the entry and change the activity to the designated holiday activity at any time.
Viewing & reporting worked holidays
‚ÄčIndividual Timecards
If the worker timecard does not automatically display worked holiday activities:
  1. Turn on Administration and choose Report Writer from the Configure menu. 
  2. Choose the report name in the left column (usually Timecard Detail).
  3. Click Selection & Sort.
  4. From the Entries drop-down choose All Entries and click Save
  5. In the main Report Writer window, click Report Options.
  6. In the Summary Totals section click to check the box for Activity Summary if it is not already checked. 
  7. Run the report and you will see the hours for each activity is totaled for each user.
  • Tip: You'll enter each worker's total holiday hours in the premium/holiday rate section of your payroll system.
Holiday Activity Report
Run an activity report to quickly see the workers and hours recorded for the holiday activity:
  1. Turn on Administration and choose Activity Detail from the Reports program menu. The TimeClock will sort timecard entries by activity and display them accordingly.
  2. View entries for other payroll periods or any date range by clicking the Report Dates icon and modify the report dates. 
Deactivating the holiday activity
After the holiday, you can easily remove the holiday from your User's clock in activity list: 
  1. Turn on Administration and choose Activities from the Configure menu.
  2. Select the activity in the left column and click to change the status to Inactive.
  • Tip: You cannot delete an activity that has been used for recording entries. Making the activity Inactive retains it for historical entries, while making the activity unavailable to users when clocking in or changing activities.
  • Tip: To reactivate an activity to use it again, follow the same steps and click to change the status to TimeClock and Manual Entries.
See our Federal Holiday and US Business Holidays calendars for 2016-2017 holiday dates.