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December Business Holidays 2016

Christmas is officially in the air! This means business owners are busy thinking about holiday schedules and employees are requesting extra time off. This year is unique in that Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both fall on Sunday.  Is Christmas Eve normally a paid holiday? What happens when a holiday falls on the weekend?

For federal employees in the United States, the Monday following a Sunday holiday is normally treated as the holiday for pay and leave purposes. So most federal employees will enjoy a paid holiday on Monday, December 26th for Christmas and Monday, January 2nd for the New Year's holiday. 

Christmas and New Year's holidays are not mandatory in the U.S. for private sector business. However, many voluntarily elect to follow this holiday pattern of the federal government. Certain union contracts or labor agreements may impact private sector business obligations for these holidays.
Monday, December 26th is Boxing Day for our friends in Canada, Great Britain and other Commonwealth nations. This holiday has a rich history dating back to medieval Britain when servants would receive a gift and day off. December 26th has become a day of shopping for discounted products after Christmas throughout the world and especially in these countries. Though it is not a statutory holiday and offered as paid to everyone, it is common throughout the Commonwealth nations.

See our Federal Holiday and US Business Holidays calendars for information on other holidays for 2016 and 2017.