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Entry Notes Enhancements in Virtual TimeClock 16

Adding entry notes in Virtual TimeClock is an easy way to quickly attach an explanation for a late arrival or early departure to a worker timecard. Entry notes are also used to associate timecard hours with a job number, mileage, tips, or productivity (cars washed or widgets produced). We added two enhancements to entry notes in Virtual TimeClock 16 to make them even more useful. 

Adding Notes When You Start and Stop
In previous versions of Virtual TimeClock, users had to clock in or out and then go back to add an entry note. Entering notes took extra steps and provided the opportunity for a user to forget to enter them. In Virtual TimeClock 16, we've added an option in Display Groups that allows users to enter notes while they clock in, clock out, or change activities. 

To enable notes at Start & Stop:
  • Select Turn Administration On... from the File menu to enter administrative mode
  • Select Display Groups... from the Configure menu
  • Select the appropriate Display Group on the left side of the window
  • Click the Settings tab in the Display Group configuration area.
  • In the Timecard entry notes area click the checkbox for "Add notes at start & stop"
  • Click Apply in the bottom right corner of the window.

Exporting Entry Notes
In the past, numerical information (like tips or mileage) entered into entry notes had to be manually totaled. This could get tedious if there were a large number of users or entries. In Virtual TimeClock 16, you can export entry notes from both the timecard detail and activities detail exports. Totaling and data manipulation is super easy when exports are opened in a spreadsheet application like Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel.

  • If you want user entry notes to be printed on their timecard, click here for more information.
  • If you have never exported from Virtual TimeClock, learn how to do it here.