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Getting the Most Out of Virtual TimeClock Reports

Most Virtual TimeClock users are familiar with the TimeCard Detail report, since it’s the default report used for user timecards. However, Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network Editions have over a dozen other reports for viewing your time and attendance data. These reports are specifically designed to help you get the most out of the program’s advanced features.
Below is a summary for a few of the more popular reports and how they can help you more efficiently use the various features.
Employee Personnel Data
Contact List Report:
This report is a great way to have HR emergency contact information all in one place. It includes the employee’s home address, emergency contact with phone number, employee’s work number and personal phone number. This information can be entered in the program’s User Configuration area.
Leave & Benefit Tracking
Accrued and Used Leave Report:
This report shows all the user’s categories of leave, their accrual period, and reward frequency with amount. You can also view the total amount of leave earned for the award cycle, total carried over, and total used. The final leave balance is displayed in the last column.
One of the great things about this report is that it automatically changes the amount of information displayed, depending on who’s viewing it. Users will only be able to see their personal information, managers can only see information for their assigned groups, while administrators can see everyone’s leave data. This makes it a very convenient multi-tier leave management tool.
Worker Leave Report:
The Worker Leave report provides worker level details of the used leave totals in the Accrued and Used Leave report. This report can be run from the Reports menu in Administration mode for a worker or entire group. An individual Worker Leave report is available to users by default in the User Status Window.
Shift & Schedules
Late Arrival Report:
If you are using shifts and schedules, this report is a great summary of who is clocking in late for work. The report shows their shift, actual arrival time, and a calculation of how many minutes they were late.
This is just the start! Take some time and explore the various reports and report options in Virtual TimeClock Pro Edition and Pro Client. You’ll find options and reports that can help you with controlling overtime and wage costs by department, activities, or even shifts.