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Customizing Reports in Virtual TimeClock

Virtual TimeClock Pro has a powerful, easy-to-use Report Writer. You’ll find over a dozen built-in reports, each offering a different way to view your time clock data. The Report Writer allows you to quickly modify existing reports, create new ones from scratch, or even copy an existing report and customize it for your business needs.
Here are just a few things you can do from the Report Writer window:
  • Assign reports to specific users and groups
  • Change how report data is grouped and sorted
  • Change what users, activities, or departments are displayed on a report
  • Control what time clock data is displayed on the report
  • Change the report formatting
Using Report Writer in Virtual TimeClock Pro or Pro Client:
  • Select Turn on Administration… in the File menu to enter administrative mode
  • Select Report Writer from the Configure menu to open the window shown below:

An Easy Example:
Let’s say you want gross wages and hourly pay rate to display on your employee timecards.  
Here’s how:
  • Select the report you use for the employee’s timecard in the left lane of the Report Writer window
  • Click Report Options in the center column of the Report Writer window (next to “Display:”). This will open the Report Options Window
  • Check Total Gross Wages and Show Hourly Wage/Salary in the Report Options window
  • Click Save in the bottom right hand corner and the Report Options window will automatically close
Quick Tip:
  • Preview your report changes along the way by clicking Preview Report in the toolbar of the Report Writer window.