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Software Maintenance & Support

Our software Maintenance and Support program is very popular with our Virtual TimeClock customers. Enrollment includes priority technical support from U.S. based experts, our monthly ‘Tips & Tricks’ newsletter, and ongoing software training.

But there is one other benefit many forget: Free updates to our latest software release!
We release a new version of our software every year, with occassional maintenance updates in between. All of these releases are available to you for FREE with your software Maintenance and Support enrollment.

If you're enrolled in our software Maintenance and Support program, you can download the latest Virtual TimeClock here. We provide a helpful upgrade guide on the download page as well.

Quick Tips:
  • Not sure what version you have? Use the ‘Help’ menu for Windows, and the ‘About’ menu for Mac.
  • Not sure if you are enrolled in Maintenance and Support, or what date you are enrolled to? Go to the ‘Help’ menu and select ‘License Key’. Your status will be in the bottom left hand corner of the window.
  • Not enrolled in Maintenance and Support? You are still eligible for a discounted upgrade! Request a Discount Code Here.