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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - September 2015

A good deal of Virtual TimeClock's power and help to your business depends on understanding the various administrative options within the program. In this month’s Tips & Tricks we’ll help you understand and unlock the benefits of an important time clock feature that you may have overlooked: Time Settings.  

What Time Is It?
Do you know how Virtual TimeClock determines the time that employees start and stop work? Is tampering with the time recorded a concern? By default, Virtual TimeClock Basic and Pro use your computer’s clock as the primary timestamp source while the Network Edition uses the time on your TimeClock server computer. There’s also an option in Virtual TimeClock to use an Internet TimeServer for your timestamps. This is a terrific option if you're concerned with employees tampering with the computer clock or if you have employees on the Network Edition working across multiple time zones.
Quick Tip:
Check out this blog for additional tips to ensure the integrity of your timestamps.

Rounding Start & Stop Times
Time rounding is a popular convenience with employers and employees. It allows employees to start and stop at 'about' their scheduled time and always get paid for a full shift. Rounding also allows employers to pay employees for full shifts without worrying about a few minutes of overtime adding up every day. While Virtual TimeClock always records and displays the exact times, it has the option on reports to round employee start and stop times to the nearest tenth or quarter hour.

The U.S. (and many other countries) allow employers to track employee time to the nearest minute, tenth or quarter hour. The key regulation is often that the rounding must be impartial, which is exactly how Virtual TimeClock works. So rather than always round down (to the employers advantage), or always round up (to the employees advantage), Virtual TimeClock always rounds up or down to the nearest tenth or quarter hour. 
Quick Tip:
Check out this article to understand more about how rounding works.

Here's a brief overview of U.S. Department of Labor rules on rounding employee time.

Other Time Settings
Does your workweek start on Wednesday or Saturday? Do you have employees whose work hours continue through midnight? Do your employees work split shifts? The Time Settings control panel has a number of global (they apply to all users) options that will enable your time clock to easily handle these situations.
Quick Tip:
For instructions on modifying your Time Settings, timestamp source, and rounding options, click here.

Configuring the various time settings in Virtual TimeClock should be infrequent but it is an important part of being an administrator or manager. Each of the time related settings helps you determine how your time clock tells time and also how your punches are totaled and displayed.