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Feature Highlight: PIN Entry

We regularly receive calls from customers requesting a fast and easy way for their employees to clock-in using a touch screen interface. For many, the best solution is to use Virtual TimeClock's PIN interface. It works great with tablets and touch screens and simplifies the information an employees see when they punch in or out.

To activate the pin interface for a display group:
  • Select Turn On Administration from the File menu.
  • Select Display Groups from the Configure menu. 
  • Select the Group you are interested in on the left-hand side of the Display Groups window.
  • Select Pin – Numeric in the Interface popup menu.
Note: Users assigned to a PIN group must have numeric password. 

Quick Tips:

  • Select Enter Full Screen from the View menu if you want Virtual TimeClock to completely fill the window.
  • Select the Passcode – Alphanumeric interface option if your users have passwords with numbers and letters.