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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - August 2015

August can be a busy month of transition for many employees and businesses. Wouldn't it be nice to know what date employees are returning from that last minute vacation just by glancing at your time clock? Or, maybe you would like your time clock to display a little less information about your employees. Have you ever thought about using Virtual TimeClock for scheduling different resources like conference rooms or equipment? In this month's 'Tips & Tricks' Newsletter, we'll show you some common and even clever ways to use Virtual TimeClock's In/Out Board interface for more than clocking in and out.

Using Custom Memos
The In/Out Board interface provides an at-a-glance view of where employees are and even what they're working on. In fact, this transparency makes it one of the primary reasons for having salaried workers use Virtual TimeClock. To further enhance communication, consider using custom out memos. Custom out memos empower your employees to create their own time clock status message when they clock out. Instead of being “Out” your status can read "Vacation-Back 8/10” or “Trade Show til Fri.” Consider the possibilities at your school or business.
Quick Tip:
You can enable custom out memos in just a few simple steps.

Customizing the In/Out Board
Did you know that you can change which columns are displayed on the In/Out Board? For example, you may like the idea of employees seeing other staff member’s time clock status, but you don't want them seeing what time or how long ago they clocked in or out. If you considered the PIN and Passcode interfaces but prefer to use the In/Out Board why not just keep the "Time" and "Elapsed" columns from displaying? An added bonus is that even if you remove columns from the In/Out board for the employees use, all of the columns will still display when administration is turned on.
Quick Tip:
It's easy to quickly customize your In/Out Board display. PIN? Passcode? Check out the other Display Group interfaces available in your time clock.

Tracking Room and Equipment Usage
The In/Out Board also makes a great tool for checking the status of non-staff resources like rooms and equipment. You would add a new employee as a time clock user without question but have you thought about creating a user called “Mezzanine Conference Room” or “Company Vehicle #3?” With the visibility of the In/Out Board, you'll be able to quickly see what rooms and equipment are available and which ones are currently in use. You can even run reports to see how often certain rooms or pieces of equipment were used during specific periods of time.
Quick Tip:
Here's an illustrated example using Virtual TimeClock to schedule conference rooms.

Transitions come and go but the need for tools to effectively manage those times will always remain. Virtual TimeClock offers much more flexibility than a traditional time clock and the communication available only through the In/Out Board will quickly become an integral part of your workforce management strategy.