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​Quickbooks® Online

If you own or manage a small to medium-sized business, you are probably aware of the Intuit®1 company name and their popular product, Quickbooks® . Intuit® was started in 1983 and after the success of Quicken® for individual finances, they launched Quickbooks® for businesses in 1994. Over the years, Quickbooks® has gained in popularity, market share, and even offers several different country-specific versions for businesses in Canada, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Intuit® continues to expand their product offerings to customers all over the world and with the meteoric growth of businesses moving to cloud-based computing solutions Intuit® is making their solutions available in the cloud also. Quickbooks Online® or QBO, introduced in 2012, experienced sales growth of 48% in the last quarter of this year alone and is being touted as the successor to the familiar Quickbooks® desktop software. A word of caution though to those considering the switch to QBO, including Intuit® Online Payroll users; QBO does not support importing of employee or business payroll data from Quickbooks® for Windows or other third party software solutions.

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