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Configuring In/Out Board Columns

Many businesses use the In/Out Board interface for their time clock. There are several good reasons for that choice. The In/Out Board is the default interface for the time clock and it provides a clear, quick, at-a-glance view of the time clock user names, status, entry date, entry time, elapsed time, and message alerts. All of this data is cleanly displayed and organized in labeled columns. 

While many businesses find that the default In/Out Board settings meet their needs, some decide that they would like to remove one or more of the columns from view. For example, a business owner might not want to display the time that an employee clocked in or the amount of elapsed time they have been involved in an activity. Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to customize the In/Out Board so that you can hide or reveal each column with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To add or remove list columns, follow these quick steps:
1. Turn time clock administration on by navigating to File > Turn Administration On.
2. Navigate to the program menu bar and click Configure > Display Group or
     click the Configure icon in the Administration toolbar and click the Display Groups icon.
3. Locate "Interface: In/Out Board - One List" and click the "List Columns..." button.

4. Uncheck any of the columns listed that you do not want displaying on your In/Out Board.
5. Click "Save Changes."
6. To view the changes to the In/Out Board, close the Configure Display Groups window and click File > Turn Administration Off.