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Tips For Moving Virtual TimeClock

You may need to move Virtual TimeClock from one computer to another for a variety of reasons. The two most common are hardware failure and relocating the time clock to a computer in a more convenient location. Armed with the right tools, your Virtual TimeClock software can be quickly moved to a different computer without losing current punch times or data.

Switching platforms
Your Virtual TimeClock licenses are platform independent, so there’s no problem moving your time clock program from an Apple Mac computer to a Windows PC, and vice versa.

Before you begin
You’ll need a method of transporting your database backup file from one computer to another, like a USB flash drive. In a pinch, you could just email yourself the file and access your email on the destination computer. You'll also need a copy of your most recent software license key. Otherwise, Virtual TimeClock will continue to run in evaluation mode. Finally, you'll need the Virtual TimeClock Moving Guide.

Tip: When moving the client, you don't need a backup of the database or your license information.

Prior release downloads
You’ll want to make sure you download and install the correct version of your software. The licensed version of your software will be listed on the registration email that contains your license key. You can also find this information by choosing About Virtual TimeClock from the Help menu on Windows computers or from the Virtual TimeClock menu on Mac.

Tip: Make sure you download the correct version. The majority off our calls from customers needing help moving their time clock program are due to downloading the wrong version or edition. For example, the Pro Client is found under the Network Edition download and prior versions are found by clicking Prior Releases.

Following the steps in the Moving Guide and being aware of a few simple tips will make moving your Virtual TimeClock hassle free.