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Feature Highlight: Report Writer

Businesses implement time and attendance tracking systems for a variety of reasons. Some are just looking for a way to simplify payroll. Others need some effective tools for managing labor costs. And still others just want an easy way to automate client billing based on employee hours they're already tracking. Whatever the reason, it's important to be able to access the data quickly and in the format you need in order to pay employees, make important decisions about your business operations, or ensure you're accurately getting paid for your efforts.

Virtual TimeClock includes over a dozen built-in reports that allow you to view the details of every time punch or a summary of the hours for any date range. Each one of the built-in reports offers a different look at the time clock data, automatically grouped by regular hours, overtime, leave, and unpaid time. You can then view, print, and save the reports based on your selection criteria. This includes sorting hours by worker, activity, department, type of leave, or shift. You can create a new report from scratch or duplicate an existing report and modify it to fit the needs of your business by selecting different fonts, margins, and over a dozen different report options. You can choose to include employee identification and social security numbers, worker and supervisor signature lines, gross wages, and summaries for daily, weekly, activity, and leave totals.

The Report Writer gives you plenty of options for selecting and sorting your time clock software data. This makes it a powerful feature of Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network Editions.