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Feature Highlight: Leave Tracking

It's difficult enough trying to keep track of how many hours each employee is working so you can process payroll efficiently and accurately, all the while making sure you're not underpaying or overpaying them. Your life as a business owner may get exponentially more complicated as soon as you start keeping track of vacation, sick time, and PTO as well. Fortunately, Virtual TimeClock is the tool you need to handle both.

After minimal set up, it's easy to accrue and view current totals and balances for each worker's vacation, holiday, and sick leave. In fact, Virtual TimeClock allows you to create as many paid and unpaid categories for awarding time off as you want. Each leave benefit can be awarded daily, monthly, yearly, or even be calculated based on the number of hours worked. Since each leave category can have its own anniversary date, it's easy to maintain different benefit years.

Here's all you need to know for setting up leave tracking in Virtual TimeClock.

Employee sick days, vacation, and holidays can be easily entered for one or a group of employees at the same time. Entering leave hours can be done by your time clock administrator, manager, or even the employee with a quick change to the time clock program's security.

Powerful leave reporting provides employees and management with current totals of awarded, used, and remaining hours for every employee. This allows employees to check their own leave balances without bothering management or HR staff before requesting time off.

Detailed instructions for recording used time off and checking leave balances can be found here.

These are the kind of advanced leave tracking features that make Virtual TimeClock one of the best programs for monitoring employee time and attendance.