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Feature Highlight: Clock In and Out Rules

Since recording time worked is at the heart of any time and attendance program, it's important for staff to be able to clock in and out accurately and efficiently. This helps the business owner know if staff are being paid for actual time worked. But what about those employees that are looking for a little extra overtime, habitually forget to punch out, or always seem to be running late? Virtual TimeClock allows you to set both clock in and clock out rules in order to help control unauthorized overtime, flag missed punches, and track employee tardiness.

Prevent Unauthorized Overtime
With a traditional time clock, it's easy for staff to punch in early and pick up a couple of hours of extra overtime by the time the week is over. There are a couple of choices on how to handle early clock ins. You can record early clock ins as the shift start time. For example, if an employee clocks in at 7:47am, the time will be recorded as 8:00am, which is their actual shift start time. You can also prevent employees from even using the time clock before their scheduled start time.

Late clock outs can also be recorded as the shift end time. For example, if an employee clocks out at 5:07pm, the time will be recorded as 5:00 pm. You can also prevent employees from clocking out after their shift ends without manager approval or within a defined grace period.

Flag Missed Punches
Automatically clocking out employees is a great way to flag missed punches. For example, you can automatically clock out all workers who are still on the clock 15 minutes past their shift stop time, or automatically clock out all workers still on the clock at midnight so the missed punches are easy to spot and fix on employee timecards.

Track Employee Tardiness
Employees are unlikely to mark themselves as late when completing paper time sheets at the end of a payroll period. That's why Virtual TimeClock is such a great tool for tracking the real time arrival and departure of your employees. Using clock in rules gives business owners a way to monitor late employees. Simply run the Late Arrival Report from the Reports menu to get a list of who's been late, what time they actually arrived, and how many minutes they were late.

Here are all of the steps needed to create clock in and out rules for your employees.