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Purchasing Time Clock Software

When you're running a business (especially a small business), you have to consider many financial strategies. One of them is deciding how to pay for the support services like accounting, payroll, and time and attendance software that your business needs to operate. The two most common pricing models are monthly subscription and one-time purchase. Both of these models have their benefits and trade-offs. Many subscription based models tend to charge a per user/per month access fee for the use of an online service. They may cost more long term, but also allow you to dynamically expand, contract, or discontinue services within a 30-day window, which may help you keep a tighter control on expenses. In contrast to the subscription model is the one-time purchase. A one-time purchase pays for the total costs of the software now, is usually less expensive over the lifetime of the service, and won’t increase in monthly costs as your business grows. You'll also remain in control of your vital business data since the software runs locally on hardware that you already own. Both strategies have merit and it's up to the business owner to decide which one best fits their business plan.