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Exporting Time Clock Report Data

We occasionally get calls from Virtual TimeClock users looking for a way to further analyze their time clock data. Some just want to be able to manipulate the data in a spreadsheet program like Numbers or Excel. Others are wanting to import the data into database management systems like Microsoft Access or Filemaker.

It's easy to export your time clock data to comma separated (CSV) or tab separated (TSV) text files. Here are the steps for creating an export file.

  • Turn On Administration from the File menu and click Export on the administrative toolbar.
  • Select the report format you'd like to export from the Export Type popup menu and click Setup.
  • From the Export Setup window you can select what fields you want to include in your export, what file format to use (comma separated or tab separated), and whether to display time totals as decimal hours or hours and minutes.​​​​
  • Finally, you can drag the field names in the Fields To Export list to change how the fields will be ordered in the export file.
  • After saving the changes, you'll be able to export the file.