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Using Leave Tracking

After defining your leave categories and assigning employee leave awards, you're ready to begin tracking employee leave by recording when the time off was taken. You can enter days off as they occur or even enter them ahead of time. For example, you may want to enter paid holidays for the entire year each January for all of your employees at the same time. The leave entries won't display on employee timecards until the payroll period in which they occur.

Recording Used Time Off
Leave entries can be entered for an individual employee, a group of employees, or all employees at the same time. For example, a manager may need to record a paid holiday for all workers in the department. After adding one or more leave entries, you'll be able to confirm the dates and amounts before saving them.
  1. Turn on administration and click Add Leave from the administrative toolbar.
  2. Select the employee or employees and then select the type of leave from the Leave popup.
  3. Select the date the leave begins, the amount of time taken each day,and the number of days of leave taken. The End Date will be calculated for you.
  4. Click the Create button and follow the confirmation prompts.

Checking Leave Balances
Once award anniversaries and accrual frequencies have been assigned to employees, a special report is needed to find out how much leave time employees have accrued and how much time they've used. The Accrued and Used Leave report is a helpful tool for determining how many leave hours each user has remaining in each leave category. Time clock managers can view the accrual report for all employees within their groups. Employees can run their own Accrued and Used Leave report from the Reports menu after opening their User Status window. The report can be run through the end of the benefit year to help you know how many hours are available for carryover into the next benefit year.
  1. Turn on administration and click My Reports from the administrative toolbar.
  2. Select the Accrued and Used Leave report.
  3. Click People & Dates in the report preview toolbar to select specific employees to include on the report or change the accrual ending date for the report.