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Setting Up Shifts

Shifts are clock in and clock out rules that help you control unnecessary overtime because you can set what happens when employees punch in or out outside of their scheduled work hours. Shifts can also be used to track employee tardiness and automatically clock out employees who forget to clock out on their own. There are two types of clock in and out restrictions.

The first type of restriction allows employees to clock in early but records their actual start time as their shift start time. For example, an employee who's supposed to start work at 8:00 AM can still punch in early but their recorded time will be 8:00 AM. This not only helps control overtime but also prevents a line from forming at group time clocks by employees waiting for their shift to begin so they can punch in.

The second type of restriction prevents employees from clocking in before their shift starts within a defined grace period. For example, you can prevent employees from clocking in until 5 minutes before their scheduled start time. Clock out restrictions work the same way except the rules are applied to employee stop times. Setting up shifts is a two-step process.

Creating Shifts
The first step is to create the new shift and define your rules.
  1. Turn on administration, click Configure and select Shifts.
  2. Click the Add button in the lower left corner, select New Shift and enter a shift name.
  3. Set the shift start and stop times.
  4. The Differential setting is only used when including the gross wages option on employee timecards.
  5. The Auto clock out setting is used to record a stop time for all users still on the clock after their shift ends by using the shift stop time.
  6. Set the Clock In Restrictions (if any) you want to enforce.
  7. Set the Clock Out Restrictions (if any) you want to enforce.

Note: Clock in and out restrictions are not needed to track employee tardiness or use the auto clock out feature.

Assigning Shifts to User Schedules
The second step is to assign a shift to the user schedule for each day of the week.
  1. Turn on administration, click Configure and select Schedules.
  2. Select an employee name from the list on the left and assign a shift for each day of the week. 

Note: "Unscheduled" will automatically be assigned to each day that’s left without an assigned shift.

Managers and time clock administrators can override shift restrictions by clocking employees in or out from the administration window. The Late Arrival report can be viewed from the Reports menu for any employee for any period of time once shifts have been assigned to user schedules.