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Are Your Shift Rules Failing?

Whether you're using shifts to control excess employee overtime, track employee tardies, or automatically clock out employees who forget to punch out on their own, if your shift restrictions don't appear to be working, then there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can take to help solve the mystery. Here are the three most common reasons why time clock shift rules fail.

1. Make sure you're not logged in as an administrative user. Clock in and out restrictions are ignored when administration is turned on. This is why managers and time clock administrators can override employee shift restrictions. As soon as you turn administration back off, clock in and out restrictions will once again be enforced on that particular time clock.

2. Make sure the user schedule is set to the correct shift rule. This is the most common reason why shifts don't work correctly. If an employee clocks in at 7:45 AM on Friday for an 8:00 AM start time and they get a message that they'll start work when their shift begins at 9:00 AM, then they either have the wrong shift assigned to their schedule for Friday, or else the Friday shift has the wrong start time. Turn on administration and go to Configure Schedules. Select the name of the employee whose restrictions aren't working properly and see what shifts are in use for each day of the week. Click Shifts in the toolbar and check what restrictions are set for the suspect shift.

3. You made changes to employee shift rules. If you change clock in shift rules after an employee is already clocked in, the new rules will not go into effect until the following day, when the shift schedules have reset. 

There's always a logical reason why shift restrictions may not be working, it just takes a little detective work to track down the root cause.