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​Setting Up Leave Tracking

Virtual TimeClock is a full featured time and attendance program. Not only does it accurately and impartially record every employee punch in and out, but it makes it easy to track all employee time off, whether it's paid or unpaid. You can set up Virtual TimeClock according to your own employee leave or time off policies, including those areas where you may have specific legal obligations, such as jury duty and military leave. You can also track all unpaid leave taken under the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or mandatory furlough. The following steps will help you configure your own business time off policies within Virtual TimeClock.

Adding Leave Categories
Virtual TimeClock includes several common leave categories. These are holiday, personal, sick leave, and vacation. You can add as many additional leave categories as you want.

  1. Turn on administration, click Configure and select Leave Categories.
  2. Click the Add button in the lower left corner and enter a new category name. 
  3. After the new category has been added, you can set the leave type to be paid, paid up to a certain limit, or unpaid.

Paid leave is always included in the total hours worked for each employee. Limited paid is only included in the total hours worked up until the maximum minutes or hours threshold is reached for that leave entry. The remaining time will be reported as unpaid. Additional leave categories you may want to consider setting up include bereavement, jury duty, military leave, maternity leave, FMLA, furlough, unpaid sick leave, and unpaid personal leave.

Adding Leave Awards
Now that you've created leave categories to match your business rules, it's time to enter employee leave benefits. Leave benefits are awarded to users as a yearly allotment, based on hours worked, monthly, or daily accrual amounts. A yearly allotment is a lump sum that gets deposited into the user's leave account at the beginning of the benefit year. This means the full balance is immediately available for use. When leave accrual is based on hours worked, employees have to actually record work hours before any leave hours are accrued and available to be used. Overtime hours can be optionally included as hours worked for the calculated awards. Monthly awards are accrued based on how many months the employee has worked since the beginning of the benefit year. Daily awards are accrued based on the number of days the employee has worked since the beginning of the benefit year. These different award frequencies allow you to customize leave awards based on your benefit rules and different lengths of service.

  1. Turn on administration, click Configure and select Leave Awards.
  2. Select an employee name from the list on the left and choose a leave category from the Category popup.
  3. Choose the award frequency for the leave category you've selected, enter the total hours awarded for the benefit year (for accrual based on hours worked, you'll need to enter both the number of hours awarded and the number of hours worked), and set the anniversary day.

Each leave award can have its own unique anniversary day for tracking benefit years, which may start on January 1, be the same as the employee hire date, or start at the end of a probationary period. Leave balances can also be carried over from a previous benefit year for each leave category.