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Editing Missed Punches

It's obvious to tell when employees forget to clock out at the end of their work day because Virtual TimeClock will record the punches as an overnight entry. The time clock software will automatically split the entry, which will show on employee timecards with a stop time of 12:00 AM and a start time the next day of 12:00 AM as well.

Most employees don't realize they forgot to clock out until they attempt to clock in the following day. They must first clock out before they can clock in for their next shift. To fix the punch times, you'll need to open the Entry Editor and usually just have to modify one timecard entry and delete another one.

In the above example, you'll need to edit the first entry by changing the stop time to the actual time the employee left work on Monday. The second entry will need to be deleted. And the third entry is fine just the way it is. If an employee forgets to punch out and goes several days before returning to work, you'll see timecard entries that total 24 hours.

It's a good idea to scan the Total Paid column on employee timecards and the Hours column in the Entry Editor for any entries that contain an unusually high number of hours. You can also check the timecard for any entries that start or stop at 12:00 AM.