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Time Clock Backup Options

Data backup is an integral part of any sound business plan. Some would argue that having a reliable data backup is the most important thing for keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. We've heard lots of horror stories about computer hardware failure, natural disasters, and theft that saddle already overwhelmed business owners with the extra burden of having to create entire payroll periods of lost time clock data just so they can pay employees on time. It's so simple to schedule an automatic Virtual TimeClock backup that there's really no excuse for not putting one into place.

Here are some easy backup options that we suggest:

Backup to another computer - One option is to schedule a time clock backup to another computer on the network. This makes sure you have a copy of your time clock database on a physically separate computer, like a server, that has its own backup protocol in place. One drawback is that all of your time clock data remains onsite so a disaster that affects all of your computers can wipe out your time clock as well. Another drawback is that the backup destination has to be available when the backup occurs so it might not always be reliable.

USB memory stick - A second option is to purchase an inexpensive USB memory stick and plug into the back of your desktop or laptop computer. Schedule your time clock backup to this external device and now you have a quick and easy way to back up your time clock data and even take it offsite each day or over the weekend. The drawback, once again, is that a disaster that affects the computer may affect the memory stick as well.

Cloud backup - This is an option that we recommend more and more. Many cloud services like Dropbox are free for a limited amount of data storage space. This makes it an ideal solution for backing up your time clock. There's no extra hardware you need to purchase and you'll always have an offsite copy of your time clock data.

If you need any help configuring your time clock backup schedule, contact us. We'd be happy to help.