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Moving Your TimeClock Server

Moving your TimeClock Server is a fairly straight forward process and can be easily accomplished by someone without advanced networking or computer skills. Just follow the Moving Guide for step-by-step instructions. However, there are a couple of items that often get missed if you're not closely following the steps.

After backing up your time clock data, you'll need to remove the TimeClock Server background process. This is called a Daemon on Mac and a Service on Windows. If you fail to do this and just uninstall the Server Manager program, then your time clock database will still be running on the old computer. This will prevent you from entering your license keys on the new computer and your time clock clients will still be connecting to the old server computer.

The second thing to watch out for is when you're prompted to create a new database after installing the TimeClock Server on the new computer. You'll want to cancel the new database because you'll be restoring your database from the backup file you created at the beginning.

Finally, if you have remote time clock connections that connect via a port forward on your router, then you'll need to update the router configuration settings with the IP address of the new TimeClock Server computer. Or if the old server computer is going offline, you may just want to give the new computer the same static IP address that the old server computer was using so you won't have to update the router.