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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - May 2014

Computer and network security has certainly made headlines recently with the HeartBleed scare. So now is a good time to review your system and network security to make sure you're up-to-date with the latest antivirus definitions for your computers. It's also a good time to review your system passwords to make sure they meet the recommended minimum standards. Here are some additional security precautions to consider that are directly related to your time clock software.

Eliminate time tampering by using an Internet time server (Pro and Network Edition)
Virtual TimeClock has a setting that allows your employee time clock software to get the timestamp for punches from an impartial Internet time server, which means they can't manipulate the local computer time to affect their hours worked. Virtual TimeClock will use the computer time zone settings from the computer to determine the appropriate offset to use (which is why your Network Edition still works across multiple time zones). The time source setting can by changed in the Time Settings Configure panel.
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If the computer loses connectivity to the Internet, it will use the local computer clock on Pro Edition or the server computer clock on Network Edition until connectivity is reestablished.

Protect time clock logins by assigning a Display Group password (Network Edition)
There are a couple of security features built into the Network Edition that ensure employees aren’t accessing unauthorized time clock features or functionality. Display groups control what program rules are in use for each time clock, including which employees can use a particular time clock. Adding a password to each display group prevents users from switching between display groups to gain more features or install a time clock client on an unauthorized computer. Go to the Display Groups Configure panel and click Group Password.
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Another added security feature is that only a time clock administrator can log a time clock client out of the TimeClock Server.

If you're using Virtual TimeClock over the Internet, set up a VPN
If you're using the Network Edition over the Internet, we strongly encourage you to have your IT professional set up a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN allows a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it is directly connected to the private network, which means it benefits from all the security of the private network.
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For other benefits to using a VPN, take a look at this support blog.

It doesn't take much to secure your vital computer systems, and when you read about all the computer breaches in the news, you'll be glad you did.

Virtual TimeClock Server Security Patch: May 30th Update
In early May we notified all of our Network Edition users of a critical security update for our Virtual TimeClock Server software. Today we've released a revised update that once again supports automatic reconnections when a client TimeClock loses its network connection. It just takes a few minutes to download and install the latest TimeClock Server build from our website here.