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Moving Remote Clients

Before moving a time clock client to a different computer at your remote office, there are a couple of pieces of information you’ll need before uninstalling the time clock from the existing computer. First, verify if the client program is a Pro Client or User Client.  Remember, the Pro Client allows administrative access and the User Client does not. You can do this by choosing About Virtual TimeClock from the Help menu on a Windows PC or from the Virtual TimeClock menu on a Mac. Next, select Logout of Server from the File menu.  Make a note of the Server Name and Address in the Virtual TimeClock Client Login window. Now you can quit the Virtual TimeClock client program and uninstall it.

Download and install your correct client version on the new computer. Follow the installation instructions and click Connect to Server.  Click Add and enter the Address you noted above, click Default for the Port, and click Connect.  The time clock server should now be on the list so you can select it and click Login. If it doesn’t connect, you may have to remove the old registered client license from the time clock server.