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Future Time Clock Entries

If you have an employee that insists they clocked in but at the end of their shift it shows them clocked out already, it's probably because they have a future entry. Most future entries are made by mistake and happen most often at the start of a new year. The usual story goes something like this. It's January 2 and you're back in the office after the holidays. You need to add a manual entry for an employee for December 31. Perhaps the office was only open for half a day but you're paying them for the rest of the afternoon. So you enter 1:00pm to 5:00pm but don't change the year to the prior year, not noticing that the add manual entry dialog will always default to the current year.

The time clock in/out board will always list the most recent entry, which in this case is the future entry. That's why even though you clock in, when the in/out list gets updated it shows you out because it's using the future entry. The timecards of any employees affected will show orphaned start times with no stop times. Don't worry, it's easy to fix. You just need to open the Entry Editor and select entries from tomorrow's date to December 31 of the current year and it should list any future entries that can then be deleted.