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PIN Time Clock Entry

Virtual TimeClock has an interface that allows employees to clock in and out by using a numerical PIN. They can enter their assigned PIN using one of the following methods:

  • Use the built-in keypad on your keyboard
  • Use the mouse to click the onscreen keypad
  • Combine a touchscreen monitor with the onscreen keypad
  • Replace manual PIN entry with an RFID reader
  • Replace manual PIN entry with a barcode scanner

If you're using the PIN interface on a group time clock, you may want the program to launch in a maximized window so the rest of the desktop is hidden. Right mouse click the Virtual TimeClock desktop shortcut and click Properties. Click the Shortcut tab and change the Run popup menu to Maximized. This will only work on Windows and the PIN window will revert back to its regular size if you turn admin on and back off.