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Registering Networked Time Clocks

Virtual TimeClock Network Edition is a client-server based time clock system that allows you to run time clocks on multiple computers. Licensing is based on the number of computers that need to run the time clock software, not the number of users. This allows you to deploy time clocks on individual computer workstations or as time clock kiosks that allow a group of employees to clock in and out from a particular computer.

When you receive your Network Edition license email from us, it will have a Program License Key and a Client License Key. You only have to enter your registration information one time. The most common place to register your employee time clock software is from the Help menu of one of your time clock clients. This will update the time clock server so you DO NOT need to enter the license information on the other time clock clients. You can also register your time clock software from the Licenses panel of the Virtual TimeClock Server Manager.