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In/Out Board Display Columns

​If you're using the In/Out Board interface with your time clock software, there's an additional configuration setting that allows you to set what list columns get displayed. The columns you can optionally remove are Entry Date, Entry Time, New Messages, and Status. This allows you to take advantage of the real-time monitoring of whether employees are clocked in, out, at lunch, or on break without displaying some of the more personal information of when they started those activities.

I had a customer recently who removed some of the list columns so they weren't visible in user mode but then didn't want those same columns missing in admin mode. He wanted the managers to have the full in/out board when they turned on administration. Here's what we did so he could have the minimum amount of columns displaying in user mode and all of the columns displaying when the managers logged in.

We left the current display group with the columns removed alone and created a new one. We called the new display group something like "TimeClock Users - Managers", set it to the In/Out Board interface, and left all of the list columns selected. Next, we removed the managers from the original display group and added them to the new display group.

​Now when managers walk up to a user time clock, the list columns are removed but when they turn on administration with their manager passwords, all of the list columns are displayed.​