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Timecards for Inactive Users

"How do I run a timecard report for inactive users?" We receive this question pretty frequently each January.

Virtual TimeClock always uses the selected Display Group members for reports. In order to run timecards for an inactive user, you need to select the 'All Users' group in administration. You can then run reports for any or all users for any date range.

Here's the steps to run a timecard report for an inactive user:
  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File Menu
  2. Select All Users from the popup menu in the bottom right hand corner of the Administration window. 
  3. Select the Timecard Detail report from the Reports menu.
  4. Select People & Dates in the Report window toolbar to choose the inactive worker(s) and date range desired for your custom report.

  • We always recommend inactivating users rather than deleting them. When you delete a user, you lose all of their timecard history. Making a user inactive removes them from all display groups while preserving their timecard history for future reporting.
  • Click here to learn more about using Display Groups