Virtual TimeClock Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 13

Virtual TimeClock 13 makes managing employee time and attendance even easier with all new integrated report preview, configuration and timecard entry editing. Updated built in reports and intuitive report access makes the power of Virtual TimeClock even more accessible to new users. All new save to PDF features for all reports facilitates electronically saving and secure emailing of unalterable employee timecards.

13 R1 •  January 15, 2013
Virtual TimeClock 13 new features & enhancements include:

Basic, Pro and Network Edition

  • Faster and easier report generation with the all new Report Preview features.
  • Save reports as a PDF for secure, unalterable electronic storage or emailing.
  • Easily add or edit employee timecard entries with integrated entry editing from the Report Preview window.
  • Quickly run reports for different groups and/or dates all from one Report Preview window.
  • Modify report settings with new direct access to the Report Writer from the Report Preview window.
  • Enjoy intuitive contextual entry editing from the updated Entry Editor.
  • Users given access to edit their timecard entries can now easily edit both current and past entries.
  • Updated Configuration navigation makes setting up Virtual TimeClock even easier.
  • Updated Internet Time Server support for computers with unreliable (typically WIFI) internet connections.

Pro & Network Edition

All of the above changes, plus:

  • New leave award frequencies calculate benefits on a daily or monthly basis.
  • New leave award summary makes it easy to determine benefits for each employee and leave category.
  • New award anniversary for each leave category allows employees to accrue benefits based on different schedules.
  • New enhanced Accrued & Used Leave report includes accrual periods and descriptions.
  • Integrated entry editing allows administrators to easily add leave entries directly from the Report Preview window.
  • View and update leave awards directly from the Accrued & Used Leave Report Preview window.
  • Run the Accrued & Used Leave report from the Leave Awards configuration window for instant access to current leave balances.
  • View and edit timecard report settings directly from the report preview window.
  • Revised and updated User Profiles report makes it easier to view user information at a glance.
  • Back by popular demand: The Entry Editor once again supports manual entry and leave entry creation.
  • Mailboxes with thousands of messages now load nearly instantaneously.
  • Fixed issue that in rare circumstances could cause a program error when sending messages on Mac OS X computers.
  • Activity and Departmental reports now select and total for the current display group rather than all users.

13 R1.1 Maintenance Release •  March 20, 2013 

Basic, Pro & Network Edition

  • Password hints for administrative users are again reliably saved and retrieved.
  • Report Preview refreshing no longer hangs in certain circumstances (Windows only).
  • Report Preview toolbar items are reliably enabled when a report is built in the background.

Pro & Network Edition 

All of the above changes, plus:

  • QuickBooks®1 payroll exports now properly save to the selected export folder location.
  • Saving a new Leave Award once again works reliably for all users and categories.
  • Adding a manual stop time to an entry no longer errors when using administrative groups.
  • Restoring the default reports in Report Writer now properly sets time totals to decimal hours.

Network Edition

All of the above changes, plus:

  • Clients that lose TimeClock Server connectivity no longer receive a spurious error.
  • Logging out from the TimeClock Server from an administrative group no longer errors.
  • The Client Login window now displays the name of Mac OS X Lion Servers correctly.