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Importing QuickBooks® Users

We introduced time clock payroll integration with QuickBooks®1 earlier this year with Virtual TimeClock '12. It does require a one-time setup before you export your first round of employee hours for payroll processing. Importing your users from QuickBooks® into your time clock software isn't required but it's recommended. Here's why. If you don't import your QuickBooks® users before performing your first time clock export, QuickBooks® may create duplicate employee records if it doesn't find a name with an exact match. Trust me, it's kind of a pain to clean up.

The way to prevent this is to import your QuickBooks® users first. Choose Configure from the administrator toolbar and open the Users control panel. Click Add, Import Users, and follow the instructions for importing a QuickBooks® IIF File. Virtual TimeClock will be updated with the personal information from QuickBooks® if a matching social security number is found. For users with no social security numbers, you’ll be prompted to merge records for those users with the same last name. This will ensure the user names are identical in both systems.