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Future Timecard Entries

The time clock software in/out list always reflects the last employee punch status, whether that's in, on break, at lunch, or out. Sometimes the time clock shows an employee clocked out even though they insist they've clocked in. So they clock in again and end up leaving an orphaned time clock entry with just a start time. The issue is likely caused by a future time clock entry. If this happens to you, before you clock in, take a look at the date of the out entry. It's probably for some date in the future and the time clock is just displaying the last employee punch status. This is most often the result of a manual timecard entry that was added by an admin user by mistake.

All you have to do to resolve the issue is turn on administration and click Edit Entries. Select the employee name and the date range the future entry falls into. Now just delete the entry and the in/out list will once again reflect the current punch status for the employee.