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Custom Out Memos

Out memos are a great tool for updating the time clock software in and out board with temporary status changes that let others know why you're clocked out. At it's simplest, when you stop work your status changes to 'Out' and that's all anybody needs to know until you clock back in. But if you want to use the time clock in and out board as a powerful interoffice communication tool, you can create different out memos to handle different scenarios like 'Gone for the day' or 'On vacation'. You can also create one-time out memos to handle different situations like 'Dr. appt. - back by 3:00pm' or 'Client meeting- call me on my cell'. Custom out memos don't become part of the out memo selection list but are used to temporarily let others know what you're doing when you're off the clock.

How to Enable Custom Out Memos
Before you can start using custom out memos, you need to turn them on for the display group. Turn on administration and choose Display Groups from the Configure menu. Select a display group from the list on the left and click User Actions. Select Custom Out Memos from the list of user actions and save.

​How to Use Custom Out Memos
Now when you stop work you can pick Custom Memo from the popup list and enter your one-time note to update the in and out board.